Recommendations & Thank You letters

Translation of Liran Haim’s recommendation

“When we arrived to your place a few months ago for the first preliminary meeting to get to know each other with respect to our birth (and further to the warm recommendation of a friend), we were full of fears, questions and mainly disinformation. You, to the contrary, were immediately for us a source of knowledge, experience and peace of mind.
You helped us to get closer to the birth that we wanted even before we understood the importance of this choice. You supported us during all the phases of this process, with the examinations during the pregnancy, the contractions, the birth, the breastfeeding and the first weeks just after Itamar’s birth. You were available for us during the most difficult and the most stressful hours and you helped us to transform a process that in many situations is full of chaos and fears in one of the major experiences at the emotional level in our life.
Therefore, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart in the name of the three of us.
Thank you for insisting on the fact that birth begins a few months before the moment we leave for the hospital.

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Translation of Shimrit Anavi Buch’s recommendation

“Dear Anne-Valerie,
We don’t have words to describe how perfect you supported and accompanied us for the second time in such a magical and special moment in our life.
Thanks to you I succeeded to give birth exactly as I wanted. Although it was difficult, you helped us not to give up and to continue in the way I wanted.
We could not have gone through this experience without your amazing help and support.
Thank you for all your support before, during and after the birth.
It is not for nothing that we chose you for the second time !!
We love you a lot
Shimrit Ronen Emma and Ben”
February 2019

Translation of Sandra Trojman Levy’s recommendation

“I was lucky to give birth with Anne-Valerie as a doula.

It was an extraordinary moment in which Anne Valerie worked very hard for my well-being: massages during the contractions, different positions to help the baby progress etc, I couldn’t list everything, so much she did!! Her constant attention, her communication with the hospital services, everything was perfect.

What I liked the most is the fact that my delivery remained that of my husband and I, AC Anne Valerie as extraordinary help. Anne Valerie thank you!!! and thank you for your advice before and after childbirth ❤”

December 2019

Translation of Yael’s recommendation

yael-michaeli-mor-born-on-15-7-16I came into contact with Anne-Valérie quite by chance when I was looking for a doula Hypnobirthing. I knew that I wanted a doula who could also give me and my husband the birth preparation course.

Already during our first telephone Anne-Valérie inspired me a lot of confidence and sweetness and we agreed to meet. During our meeting, Anne-Valérie spoke to both of us and gave my husband the feeling of being a full partner associated with the birth process. The pleasant nature of Anne-Valérie alongside with her knowledge and professionalism has won our hearts.

Weeks later, we started the birth preparation course. The meetings were warm, pleasant and were made with a lot of humor and love. Anne-Valérie answered each question with infinite patience and accompanied us step by step. It was very important for her to respond to the emotional aspects of each of us and at the same time to give us all the practical knowledge.

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Recommendation of Galya Rosenfeld

galya-yuval-8-7-15I had a truly amazing birth experience thanks to Anne-Valerie!

Today, my baby is one year old and it is with great gratitude that I recall Anne-Valerie’s role in her birth. She provided so much warmth and a sense of security that I was able to concentrate on delivering naturally and actively. The breathing Anne-Valerie taught me was simple and doable therefore effective in practicing beforehand and using during the birth to put out of mind all the inevitable distractions at the hospital. I had three hours of contractions spent in the hallways. Anne-Valerie knew exactly where to push on my back and this eased my pain. When we finally got to the delivery room I was already ten centimeters dilated and about 35 minutes later Yuval was in our arms.

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Recommendation of Alexandra Sebag

More than 8 months ago I had the chance to give birth to a wonderful little boy.

I admit that I was a little worried about giving birth in a country where I have only been living for 5 years. But thanks to Anne-Valerie Adler everything went perfectly.

She has always been there for me, answering my questions and even reassuring me. And above all she was with my husband and me during my delivery. I will never have enough words to thank her for spending a sleepless night massaging me to start the labor.

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Nelly and Liora’s recommendation

Dear Anne-Valérie,

I would like to thank you in my name and on behalf of my daughter-in-law, Liora, for your support, your help and your professional support during the birth of my dear grand-daughter.

We arrived in the delivery room at Laniado Hospital on 6.6.13 stressed and moved. To our surprise, we met you. You did a wonderful job with a lot of patience, love and an intense desire to help.

At every moment, you were able to reassure us while helping Liora. Liora had attended a birth preparation class. Nevertheless, it is difficult to put into practice at the time of delivery what one has learned.

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Deborah’s recommendation

המלצה של דבורהDear Anne-Valérie,

For my first birth two years ago, I did not really know what a doula was or the real help she could give me. Nevertheless, I decided to contact you because I was anxious to give birth for the first time and in addition, in Israel.

It was only during this long and difficult delivery that I realized how well I had made the right decision. Without you, I could never have been so brave and overcome these pains and difficulties.

It is for this reason that for my second delivery 3 weeks ago, it was obvious that you would be there again to accompany me.

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Recommendation of Ayelet and Shimon

Anne-Valerie the wonderful,

Thank you so much for your help during and after the birth, the security, your calm, your humor and your endless support that you gave us with all your heart.

We do not have words to describe how your presence helped us. 
We are happy to have had the privilege of having you at our sides.

We love you a lot,

Amitai, Ayelet and Shimon

April 2016

Translation of Racheli’s recommendation

6.12.12 כ"ב כסלו

6.12.12 כ”ב כסלו


Dear Anne-Valérie,

I cannot stop thanking you for your help in the birth of my son Yair Moshe, for the quality of your listening, your calm, your solicitude and your concern for me.

You came as an angel, at the moment of contractions. You stayed by my side and you listened to me, supported and relieved when the contractions occurred by your massages.

I felt that there was an angel at my side who was helping me and supporting me and I felt that I could trust you. And so it was: I trusted you throughout my birth and God blessed, I was lucky to give birth to a wonderful son.

Dear Anne-Valérie, you have lived with me the greatest and the most intense experience that can be in life.

Again thank you, very dear and only in occasions of joy


September 2011


Translation of Aurore’s recommendation

(c) all rights reserved Aurore Vigne

© all rights reserved Aurore Vigne

I called on Anne-Valérie for my delivery in Israel. I felt the need to have someone with me who could accompany me and speak to me in my own language, my Hebrew being too precarious.

It was much more than I received of course, because the presence of Anne-Valerie, this big sister, was, to my husband and to myself, quickly indispensable.

Her availability and responsiveness in the phase of waiting for delivery was first admirable: at the slightest question, Anne-Valérie went in search of answers in order to relieve me and prepare me at best, physically and psychologically for childbirth.

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