Childbirth preparation courses

Many women ask me “but why attend a birth preparation class when we have all the information available on the internet?”

The birth of a child is a unique, wonderful, moving process that leaves unforgettable memories for a lifetime. But there are also uncertainties and some difficulties.

קורס הכנה ללידה

Why is it advisable to attend a birth preparation class?

The course allows you to:

  • to be calmer during pregnancy;
  • to arrive better prepared for childbirth;
  • to better understand the childbirth process taking place;
  • to receive reliable and accurate information that will help you sort the information available on the internet;
  • to do breathing exercises, relaxation, massages and learn certain positions which might be helpful during labor;
  • to receive answers to the questions that concern you.

Participation in childbirth preparation courses is one of the tools that future parents have at their disposal in order to experience a more positive childbirth.

I offer a private preparation course with a practical orientation. The course will take place at your home, on days and at times that suit you. In most cases there will be 3 meetings of 2 hours and half to three hours each) and the content of each meeting will be adapted to your specific needs.

We shall dedicate time during each meeting to practice among other things breathing, relaxation, different positions to alleviate the pain and to advance the labour.

When is it better to start a childbirth preparation course? It is recommended to start the course between the 28 thand 32 th week. Nevertheless, it is best to register with me in advance and book the period that suits you the best.

I invite you to contact me to receive further information.

Anne-Valérie Adler – Doula

Childbirth Preparation Courses

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