What do my doula services include?

I will accompany you and your spouse already before the delivery.

In most cases, accompaniment begins between weeks 28 to 32 of pregnancy, but it is possible to begin the journey together before or after these dates. It is recommended to contact me as soon as possible to plan a first meeting to get to know each other, without any obligation on your part.

הכנה לפני הלידה

Before delivery

I propose two meetings before the birth:

st meeting

The 1 st meeting, lasting one hour, without commitment on your part , aims to get acquainted. It is important that there is some chemistry between us and that you feel comfortable. We talk about your expectations regarding childbirth.

We discuss the various signs announcing the occurrence of childbirth. We are also beginning to practice breathing as it is one of the most valuable tools available to the expectant mother to overcome the pain.

From the moment you choose me as your doula, I will be available at any time by phone or e-mail, to answer all your questions, worries, fears or dilemmas.

nd meeting

The second meeting lasts two hours and consists of the following three parts:

  • Familiarization with the delivery process and implementation of a personalized birth plan. Presentation of the techniques I use during childbirth to relieve the future mother and to progress her delivery : massages, breaths, relaxation, movements, specific positions, water use, some elements of shiatso, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and viewing.
  • Practicalphase during which we work on the breathing, the positions and the massages which make it possible to relieve the pains and to advance the childbirth.
  • Proposal of a very gentle massage to allow you to relax and get to know your body.

דולה תומכת לידה


From the first signs of childbirth, we are in contact by phone. From the moment you need more support, I arrive at your home or hospital (depending on the situation). I support you, reassure you, encourage you to feel more calm and safe. I propose different techniques to cope with pain and to progress childbirth.

The presence of the doula is suitable for all kinds of childbirth

I want to clarify a point about which there is some confusion: the presence of the doula is suitable for all kinds of childbirth. I accompany and support both future mothers who choose to give birth without painkillers (natural birth) and women who choose to give birth with an epidural.

The most important point is that everyone can give birth in the way that best suits them after they have received all the necessary information (“informed choice”) . I will put at your disposal my professional knowledge without intervening in your decisions and will always take into account your choices, without making any judgment.

In the case of a natural birth (without analgesic), I help the future mother to cope with the contractions and to advance her childbirth thanks to the different techniques in my possession (breathing, relaxation, massages in the lower back, showers with hot water (no more than 37.5), all kinds of movements and positions, homeopathy, shiatso etc.).

In the case of an epidural birth , I help the expectant mother to cope with the contractions and to progress her delivery until she receives the epidural. In most cases, this phase lasts several hours – especially if it is a first birth. Subsequently, I help the future mother to move her body (by changing positions, movements with the hips, small movements of the whole body) to allow the descent of the baby into the hips of the future mother whose mobility is very small since she is forced to stay in bed.

After the baby is born, I will be happy to help you during the first breastfeeding of your baby in the delivery room, if you wish. It is a very special and intense moment between the mother and her baby. At the same time, I will keep the right distance so that you can live to three this moment of exceptional intimacy after the birth.

Meeting after birth

A few days after the birth of the baby and your return home, I will come to visit you at home to discuss with you your delivery and your new life with the baby. I will help you overcome some of the difficulties that young parents often face (crying, worrying about breastfeeding, baby first aid, etc.). I will of course remain at your disposal for any question or dilemma that may arise thereafter.

As a postpartum doula (doula after birth), I can also help you – if necessary – more intensively and regularly for a period to be determined according to your wishes and needs ( see Doula after birth ).

I invite you to contact me as soon as possible to agree a first appointment without commitment on your part.


Anne-Valérie Adler

Doula Childbirth Preparation Courses



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