Translation of Racheli’s recommendation

6.12.12 כ"ב כסלו

6.12.12 כ”ב כסלו


Dear Anne-Valérie,

I cannot stop thanking you for your help in the birth of my son Yair Moshe, for the quality of your listening, your calm, your solicitude and your concern for me.

You came as an angel, at the moment of contractions. You stayed by my side and you listened to me, supported and relieved when the contractions occurred by your massages.

I felt that there was an angel at my side who was helping me and supporting me and I felt that I could trust you. And so it was: I trusted you throughout my birth and God blessed, I was lucky to give birth to a wonderful son.

Dear Anne-Valérie, you have lived with me the greatest and the most intense experience that can be in life.

Again thank you, very dear and only in occasions of joy


September 2011


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