Translation of Liran Haim’s recommendation

“When we arrived to your place a few months ago for the first preliminary meeting to get to know each other with respect to our birth (and further to the warm recommendation of a friend), we were full of fears, questions and mainly disinformation. You, to the contrary, were immediately for us a source of knowledge, experience and peace of mind.
You helped us to get closer to the birth that we wanted even before we understood the importance of this choice. You supported us during all the phases of this process, with the examinations during the pregnancy, the contractions, the birth, the breastfeeding and the first weeks just after Itamar’s birth. You were available for us during the most difficult and the most stressful hours and you helped us to transform a process that in many situations is full of chaos and fears in one of the major experiences at the emotional level in our life.
Therefore, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart in the name of the three of us.
Thank you for insisting on the fact that birth begins a few months before the moment we leave for the hospital.

Dear Anne-Valerie,
Thank you from the bottom of our heart for accompanying and supporting us during the various phases of the birth.
Thanks for answering any of our questions at any time.
Thanks for helping us to give birth naturally, which was fitting us and fitting our character and which enabled us to be bounding with our Itamar as of the first instants of his birth. The birth would not have been the same without your physical and emotional presence.
Remain as you are and keep doing what you are doing since you are excellent in what you are doing.
Many thanks
Noa, Liran and Itamar

NB For any person who reads this message, here is a small piece of advice; order Anne-Valerie’s services in advance since there is a high demand.”

February 2019

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