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(c) all rights reserved Aurore Vigne

© all rights reserved Aurore Vigne

I called on Anne-Valérie for my delivery in Israel. I felt the need to have someone with me who could accompany me and speak to me in my own language, my Hebrew being too precarious.

It was much more than I received of course, because the presence of Anne-Valerie, this big sister, was, to my husband and to myself, quickly indispensable.

Her availability and responsiveness in the phase of waiting for delivery was first admirable: at the slightest question, Anne-Valérie went in search of answers in order to relieve me and prepare me at best, physically and psychologically for childbirth.

But it was during the day of the birth that we found her presence simply indispensable. She was not only with me at 100% to accompany me in the breathing, the management of the pain and in the different stages of the advancement of the birth – with the stresses related to the hospitalization and the “protocols”. As a result, she knew how to help my husband find the right gestures to participate actively and without clumsiness in this adventure. We were thus surrounded, reassured, accompanied without our being overwhelmed by our intimacy. I was delighted to have made this decision to appeal to a doula and to have chosen Anne-Valérie whom I thank tenderly and now associate with one of the most beautiful days of my life.

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