Recommendation of Galya Rosenfeld

galya-yuval-8-7-15I had a truly amazing birth experience thanks to Anne-Valerie!

Today, my baby is one year old and it is with great gratitude that I recall Anne-Valerie’s role in her birth. She provided so much warmth and a sense of security that I was able to concentrate on delivering naturally and actively. The breathing Anne-Valerie taught me was simple and doable therefore effective in practicing beforehand and using during the birth to put out of mind all the inevitable distractions at the hospital. I had three hours of contractions spent in the hallways. Anne-Valerie knew exactly where to push on my back and this eased my pain. When we finally got to the delivery room I was already ten centimeters dilated and about 35 minutes later Yuval was in our arms.

Anne-Valerie helped me with the baby at home even after the birth, something I did not expect, giving me personal guidance on breastfeeding, changing and sleep… She cares deeply about the mothers and babies she gets to know.

Mostly, the choice of IF to take a doula, for me, meant the difference of having someone with me while my husband sorted getting me a room etc. or, rather, being left alone at such a critical time. On top of having a doula, I am sooooooooooooooo happy to have had Anne-Valerie in particular… I recommend her to my closest friends and hope to be able to use her again if I have a second child.


Galya Rosenfeld

July 19, 2016

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