Lactation consulting services

Many people believe that breastfeeding is a natural action which occurs intuitively for both the mother and the baby.

Unfortunately, in many cases, mothers encounter some difficulties and need some guidance, instructions, advice, tips, knowledge and experience from a professional person in order to breastfeed their baby successfully.

Things are not always going smoothly…:

I am often asked the following questions:

“Why is my baby crying all the time? Is my baby hungry?”

“Why is breastfeeding painful? Is this normal?”

“Do I have enough milk to feed my baby?”

“Why does my baby wake up so often and seems to be hungry again” etc.

Lactation consulting services

The purpose of my support and assistance is to enable young mothers to pursue breastfeeding while feeling comfortable at the same time.

Breastfeeding consulting lasts for one hour and a half to two hours and takes place in the family home (or sometimes in the hospital where the baby was born). Thereafter, I suggest to the mother to remain in contact with me for one more week to do follow-up through telephone calls or messages. If there is no improvement or only partial progress, I suggest trying other ways of breastfeeding or changes in the latching of the baby.

In certain more challenging cases, there is sometimes an additional breastfeeding consulting session in order to further improve the breastfeeding of the baby.

If you have some difficulties with breastfeeding, don’t wait any more time.

Please contact me as soon as possible for further information and assistance. I will then come to your home and we will check together what needs to be done in order to improve your breastfeeding.


Anne-Valérie Adler – Doula
Childbirth Preparation Courses
Lactation consultant
Doula Post-partum

Translation of the recommendation of Michele Hollander
“Anne came to see us at the hospital after the birth as a laction consultant and she brought with her a lot of experience, calm and warmth.
She succeeded to calm me down nonetheless the stress which I was experiencing since it was difficult for me to breastfeed. Thereafter, she also came to our home and kept on helping me, guiding me and calming me down. We established together a breastfeeding program and set up certain objectives to be met and thanks to that, my daughter started to gain weight and I relaxed.
I warmly recommend to any person who has breastfeeding issues and who does not have any. It helps a lot in the beginning of the breastfeeding to have somebody who cares for you at your sides and who has a lot of experience and calm.
Today I breastfeed Eli easily and I enjoy any instant of it.
Thank you Anne!
From me, Tomer and Eli”
December 2018

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