Translation of Yael’s recommendation

yael-michaeli-mor-born-on-15-7-16I came into contact with Anne-Valérie quite by chance when I was looking for a doula Hypnobirthing. I knew that I wanted a doula who could also give me and my husband the birth preparation course.

Already during our first telephone Anne-Valérie inspired me a lot of confidence and sweetness and we agreed to meet. During our meeting, Anne-Valérie spoke to both of us and gave my husband the feeling of being a full partner associated with the birth process. The pleasant nature of Anne-Valérie alongside with her knowledge and professionalism has won our hearts.

Weeks later, we started the birth preparation course. The meetings were warm, pleasant and were made with a lot of humor and love. Anne-Valérie answered each question with infinite patience and accompanied us step by step. It was very important for her to respond to the emotional aspects of each of us and at the same time to give us all the practical knowledge.

When the contractions started, Anne-Valerie was available to me from a distance and she guided me when to go to the hospital. At my great luck, I arrived at the hospital with a large dilation and immediately I went to the delivery room. Anne-Valérie joined us a few minutes later at an incredible speed.

During the birth, Anne-Valérie was concerned that there was no intervention from the midwife and also helped us with the monitoring when the midwife insisted and Anne-Valérie represented me when I was already unable to communicate. Anne-Valérie was with me during the whole process of giving birth, she held my hand when they sewed me and she surrounded me with a lot of love and warmth.

After childbirth and so far Anne-Valérie is my reference for any questions I may have. She is available to me, came home 2 weeks after giving birth to help us with everything we needed and be with us. I can only recommend and wish every woman who has to give birth, even more if it is a first childbirth, that Anne-Valérie is at her side. If anyone would like more details or for any questions, you can contact me without further: Yael – 052-3493130.

September 15, 2016


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