Nelly and Liora’s recommendation

Dear Anne-Valérie,

I would like to thank you in my name and on behalf of my daughter-in-law, Liora, for your support, your help and your professional support during the birth of my dear grand-daughter.

We arrived in the delivery room at Laniado Hospital on 6.6.13 stressed and moved. To our surprise, we met you. You did a wonderful job with a lot of patience, love and an intense desire to help.

At every moment, you were able to reassure us while helping Liora. Liora had attended a birth preparation class. Nevertheless, it is difficult to put into practice at the time of delivery what one has learned.

You were there for Liora and with your magic touch you easily convinced Liora to cooperate, which is not easy.

I thank you on my behalf and on behalf of my family for everything you did for us. You did not leave us until my baby girl was born and you also came to visit us several times at the maternity ward.

I wish every mother-to-be to have the good fortune that you accompany her with dedication and I hope that we ourselves will have the chance to meet you in the next deliveries thanks to the help of God.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

Nelly and Liora

September 17, 2013

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