Deborah’s recommendation

המלצה של דבורהDear Anne-Valérie,

For my first birth two years ago, I did not really know what a doula was or the real help she could give me. Nevertheless, I decided to contact you because I was anxious to give birth for the first time and in addition, in Israel.

It was only during this long and difficult delivery that I realized how well I had made the right decision. Without you, I could never have been so brave and overcome these pains and difficulties.

It is for this reason that for my second delivery 3 weeks ago, it was obvious that you would be there again to accompany me.

This time we were lucky to have a quick and easy delivery where once again you were there for me. Once again, you were able to advise me, accompany me, help me with the pain and apprehension.

So, I write you these lines to thank you, because not only you accompanied me during the birth, but also throughout the pregnancy.

Thank you for always answering my questions, for reassuring me and simply for being there. We will see each other again!


April 17, 2016

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