Doula after birth (Doula Post-partum)

דולה לאחר הלידה In many cases, after returning home with the baby new parents often encounter difficulties in adjusting to their new lives as parents.

Here are some examples of questions that parents ask:

  • Why is the baby crying all the time?
  • Why does the baby defecate several times a day? Is this normal?
  • Why does the baby wake up all the time during the night?
  • How do you bathe a newborn?
  • How do you know if the baby has eaten enough?

In most cases, the young mother is a little confused because of the amount of advice she receives from nurses at the maternity ward, her family and friends. Often young parents need help, advice, guidance, support, and encouragement.

I am here to give you confidence, and to assist you in adjusting to your new life. The advice and support provided to young parents help them to evolve in a more secure and peaceful environment:

  • The parents are more aware;
  • The parents are less confused;
  • The parents are less tense;
  • The baby is calmer;
  • The baby sleeps better and eats better.

Contact me for any questions you may have and to make an appointment for a first meeting.

Anne-Valérie Adler 
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Doula after birth (Doula Post-partum)


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